The NBA: Where Nothing Happens

While the ESPN blowhards breathlessly dissect moves - and non-moves - involving Larry Hughes (yawn), Rafer Alston (eh) and Nate Robinson (zzz), it's apparent the Mavericks weren't lying when they told us they liked their current roster.

Dallas = No trade(s).

One reason may be the sudden emergence of Antoine Wright, who might just make the Jason Kidd-Devin Harris trade digestable after all.

Wright, the 15th overall pick by the New Jersey Nets in '05, has stepped in more than admirably for Jason Terry. After scoring 20+ points only once in 33 games, he's done it twice in three games while playing extended minutes in Terry's absence. In last night's cakewalk win over the Nets - highlighted by a 40-15 third quarter - Wright outscored Vince Carter, 13-0, in the crucial stretch.

Add the imminent return of Jerry Stackhouse and the Mavericks could essentially be acquiring two shooting guards down the stretch. Which is nice.

And, if you're keeping score at home, Jason Kidd continued his surge with 23 points, 10 assists.

With Kidd calling the offensive plays in the wake of the 24-point drubbing in Boston on January 25, the Mavericks are 7-2 and have scored 110+ points five times. With Rick Carlisle calling the bulk of the plays from the bench most of the season, the Mavericks topped 110 only five times in 44 games.

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