The New-Look News: Bright Colors! Big Type! Fewer Words!

So much to say about the new-look Dallas Morning News, which has apparently been redesigned for old people (bigger type!) and 7-year-olds ("We've added color"!). But not to leave out the big-screen owner, in the, ah, "reader's guide" found on Page 10A of the paper there's this note concerning the allegedly "brighter, bolder type": "Think of it as your newspaper in HD." Sure, if you're an idiot. Is this what a Chief Innovation Officer gets you?

Now, sure, every paper's cutting corners -- edges too, leading to narrower papers due to the high price of paper. We've done the same thing. But as the paper gets smaller, literally, the type's getting bigger and the leading's getting wider. Which means, course, less ... news, I think it's called. Which The News addresses, or not: "We will be working harder and editing our stories even tighter to ensure that, even with the smaller size, you will be getting the same amount of news you are used to getting every day." Because less means more, especially in HD. --Robert Wilonsky

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