The Observer Needs a Copy Editor (But You Knew That Already, Amiright?)

We have an immediate opening for a copy editor. Until we find one, we'll continue to let commenters correct our terrible spelling and grammar while we try and fail not to get defensive about it. It's the Observer way.

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The ideal candidate will have one of those brains that allows him or her to see all the errant commas, embarrassing homonym mishaps and missing words that plague most of the stories I edit, and will possess deeply held beliefs about the overuse of em dashes, the role of the serial comma and the Superiority of Title-Case Headlines. A willingness to delete bad jokes and identify specious arguments is a plus. (Don't worry Schutze -- we won't let her near your stuff!)

Interested candidates should send a friendly email explaining their interest, a resume and some writing or editing samples to Me at joe.tone@dallasobserver.com. This is a full-time job with both benefits (medical, dental, 401K) and drawbacks (not many food options since Herrera's closed, freakishly cold conference room, beer fridge is broken).

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