The Perfect Christmas Gift, Obama’s First Mistake and Looking Ahead to 2012

Hurry, there’s only 380 available!

The first sip: Thanksgiving is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start filling out your Christmas wish list. And, as a reminder, who wouldn’t love a Cowboys end zone in their backyard? Yup, for a mere $500,000, you’ll get your very own end zone and tailgate party with Cowboys cheerleaders and Jerry Jones. Best of all, it’s the gift that keeps on giving, as Jones will donate the purchase price to the Salvation Army. But buyer beware: installation costs are not included.

The second sip: President-elect Obama admitted to his first gaffe after making a joke about Nancy Reagan, but Mark Cuban claims his first mistake was the lack of an entrepreneur on his economic advisory team. He says Obama’s team “looks more like a semester’s worth of great guest speakers for an MBA class than an economic advisory team that can truly help him.”

The third sip: The economic benefits associated with sporting events aren’t always what they seem.

The fourth sip: With Republicans losing considerable power in the Texas House, Paul Burka examines how much of the blame falls at the feet of Speaker Tom Craddick.

The fifth sip: The GOP is already looking to 2012, with Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney and Gov. Rick Perry listed among the presidential prospects. With a group like this, they might as well concede another four years to Obama and start planning for 2016 instead.

The final gulp: After reviewing approximately 42 percent of the petitions submitted by Citizens Against the Taxpayer-Owned Hotel, city secretary Deborah Watkins officially verified at least 20,000 of the signatures, triggering a referendum on the issue May 9. The information sent late Friday to Mayor Leppert and the city council is below. --Sam Merten

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