The Place to be This Weekend: Ticketstock

I say this with zero amount of snarkiness or sarcasm: Ticketstock is cool.

From Nolan Ryan last year to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar this weekend, 1310 AM The Ticket has created a perfectly-timed phenomenom affording sports geeks (myself included) the unique - and FREE - opportunity to rub elbows with legends of the game and like-minded listeners of the station.

Also appearing this weekend: Brandon Bass of the Mavs, Mike Ribeiro of the Stars and Cowboys' tight end Martellus Bennett. And did I mention, Ticketchicks


Doors at the Plano Convention Centre open in three ... two ... one ...

Jump for this weekend's schedule ...

UPDATE: If you wanna hear goofy/funny/terrific Ticket songs, they're right here.

Ticketstock Event Schedule:


NOON - Doors Open

NOON TO 3PM BaD Radio Broadcast live.

NOON - Martellus Bennett autograph ticket release

12:45PM to 3PM - Martellus Bennett autograph signing in autograph area 1.

2PM - Brandon Bass autograph ticket release

3PM to 5PM - Hardline Broadcast Live

3:30PM to 5PM - Brandon Bass autograph signing in autograph area 2.

5PM to 7PM - Roundtable discussion

7:30PM - Ticket Timewasters on Main Stage


10AM - Doors Open

11:30AM - Kareem Abdul Jabbar autograph ticket release

12:30PM - Brad Richards autograph ticket release

1:30PM - Mike Ribeiro autograph ticket release

1:45PM - Roundtable discussion with Brad Richards

2PM to 3PM- Brad Richards autograph signing in autograph area 2

2:30PM - Stephan Robidas autograph ticket release time

2:45PM - Roundtable discussion with Mike Ribeiro

3PM to 4PM - Mike Ribeiro autograph signing in autograph area 1

3:45PM - Roundtable discussion with Stephan Robidas

4PM to 5PM- Stephan Robidas autograph signing in autograph area 2

4:05PM - Roundtable discussion with Kareem Abdul Jabbar

4:15PM to 6:15PM - NBA Legend Kareem Abdul Jabbar autograph signing in autograph area 1

5PM to 6PM - Ticket Match Game on Main Stage

6:30PM - Lizard Larceny on Main Stage 


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