The Rangers Have Lots of Weapons. No, Seriously. Those Are Guns

So. We stumbled on this photo on Tumblr a while ago and had to ask: "Hey Texas Rangers. Why are so many of you holding assault weapons?" Rangers spokesman John Blake sent word from the road a few moments ago: "Several of the Rangers visited the Navy Seals Training Facility today in San Diego." There you have it. Blake has not responded to my follow-up query about the guy in the wheelchair.

Update at 8 a.m. June 20: Blake got back to me last night. The man in the wheelchair is a motivational speaker unrelated to the team. A Friend of Unfair Park from New Jersey elaborates: "The guy in the chair is Jesse Billauer, a former surfer that sustained a spinal cord injury. As far as I know he has no military background but he founded an organization called Life Rolls On which is based in San Diego and holds events that allow disabled people to surf."

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Eric Nicholson
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