The Replacement: Hinojosa Gets Official Nod From Georgia; Dallas ISD to Name Temp

Dallas Independent School District trustees once more spent most of Friday afternoon and evening rating and debating the five interim superintendent candidates. But, once more, they retreated to exec session and opted to run out the clock till Michael Hinojosa was officially offered the top job in Cobb County, Georgia. That happened last night: It took the Cobb County School District board all of four minutes to give the $265,000-a-year gig (including perks), after which a coterie of parents booed the selection.

Why the hubbub? "All we can find on the Internet from Dallas is very negative," said one parent to the Action News team, which sums up their rumblings thusly: "Critics said they're upset about Hinojosa's record on hiring teachers from Mexico, his handling of the budget crisis in Dallas and his district's low test scores." Oh, well -- he's all yours now. Still, as you'll see on the other side, the official CCSD video from last night's meeting isn't exactly ... fiery, let's say.

Meanwhile, the DISD board will more than likely announce his replacement at the 5 p.m. called board meeting, where it will also accept Hinojosa's letter of resignation. Leslie's drawn the rookie's short straw to attend that meeting, most of which will more than likely take place behind closed doors, at which point Lew Blackburn will leg-wrestle Carla Ranger, winner gets to pick the selection -- Nolan Estes or recently installed district CFO Alan King, who used to a great job temping for Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show.

All of which, for some reason, reminds me of my favorite least-SFW Replacements song.

Watch live streaming video from cobbschools at livestream.com

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