One of these guys is Roky Erickson. The other is Keven McAlester.

The Roky Road Leads Everywhere, Finally

Well, it took a few months for our boy Keven McAlester to spill the beans regarding the distribution deal for his documentary about the troubled Papa of Psychedelic Rock, Roky Erickson, but, at last, he passes along the good news. After spending a couple of years on the film festival circuit -- You're Gonna Miss Me debuted at South by Southwest in March 2005, good God -- and garnering a Sprit Award in November 2006, the movie has a home. Well, several, actually.

Turns out it'll be damned near impossible to miss You're Gonna Miss Me. Writes Archibald: Netflix acquired all non-TV rights, and then Palm Pictures snatched the theatrical and retail rights from Netflix. Palm plans to get the movie into theaters in June, followed by a July release on DVD. And then, come fall, it'll air on the Sundance Channel and Showtime. We got the full release, but since our e-mail server decided to mangle it, you can check it out here, courtesy our far better-dressed friends at FrontBurner, if so interested. Mazel tov, Kev. Oh, and Margaret Brown says hi. --Robert Wilonsky

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