The South Beach Diet

That wasn't Thundershower Alberto chugging through south Florida last night; that was the Karma Train. And, after the city of Dallas inexplicably unveiled its plans for a victory parade a week prematurely, it ran right over the Dallas Mavericks. Well, that and a combination of pathetic Mavs' play and brilliant Heat play in the final six minutes of Game 3 of the NBA Finals. We can whine about Josh Howard's horrendous fourth-quarter defense--biting on three head fakes that resulted in easy Miami baskets. We can bemoan Dirk Nowitzki's missed free throw with 3.4 seconds left--surprise, he's human! And we can blast Avery Johnson for diagramming for his potential game-tying shot a 30-foot lob to Howard against Dwyane Wade that will work about one out of 50 times. But, mostly, let's tip our caps to the Heat.

I was at Fox Sports Grill in Frisco and when the Mavs got up 13 midway through the fourth the partying started, and some folks actually left. To beat the traffic?! But out of nowhere Miami made every shot it desperately needed to make. Jason Williams hit a three-pointer (one of only two he made in the game). James Posey hit a three-pointer (his only one of the night). Gary Payton made a jumper (his only shot of the game). Shaquille O'Neal made two free throws (after going two of 16 in the first two games). Udonis Haslem made two free throws (after going 0 of four in the first three quarters). And, of course, the Mavs rolled out the red carpet for Wade's Jordan-esque 42-point performance. The Mavs are still in control of the series, but let's hope the next stop on the Karma Train is a little place called humility. --Richie Whitt

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.