The Texas Rangers Just Drafted Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson for Some Reason

Every winter, Major League Baseball teams engage in what's called the Rule 5 Draft, where they poach minor leaguers from their fellow competitors. It's complicated, and typically doesn't make much of a splash, which why it was especially confusing to read this morning that the Texas Rangers had selected Russell Wilson, a Rockies second baseman better known for his work as a quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks.

Is Wilson, a former fourth-round pick , plotting a comeback? Are the Rangers looking for a cheap marketing score? Is everyone just really, really bored?

None of the above, says Rangers beat writer Evan Grant:

"Everything you see and read about him, we think he'd have a positive message for all our guys," assistant general manager A.J. Preller tells Grant. "The make up and the way he goes about his business, to have him part of the organization is something we really like."

The move will cost the team $12,000, which will no doubt be offset by the sale of some No. 3 "Wilson" spring training jerseys.

It's not the first time the Rangers have picked up a football star. They traded for Ricky Williams in 1998, but he opted to stick with football. And weed. Mostly the weed.

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