Sports radio war? Eh, sorta.

The Ticket 2, ESPN Radio 1

In response to this item, I've received several inquiries asking for a detailed tale-of-the-tape between The Ticket and ESPN Radio. Ask and you shall receive. At least this time.

Among the coveted and targeted demographic of men 25-54, The Ticket has roughly twice as many listeners as ESPN Radio during a given week. Jump for the juicy details.

Le breakdown, with overall Dallas-Fort Worth market rank, show and rating:

6 a.m.-10 a.m. 2. The Ticket (Dunham & Miller) – 9.1 7. ESPN Radio (Mike & Mike/Colin Cowherd) – 3.7

10 a.m.-Noon 2. The Ticket (Norm Hitzges) – 6.4 8. ESPN Radio (Cowherd/ Michael Irvin Show) – 3.8

Noon-3 p.m. 1. The Ticket (BaD Radio) – 7.1 8. ESPN Radio (Irvin/Galloway and Co.) – 3.5

3 p.m.-7 p.m. 1. The Ticket (The Hardline) – 7.2 6. ESPN Radio (Galloway/Hour of Hansen) – 4.6 -- Richie Whitt

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