The TSA Has Found Its Most Guns Ever This Year. DFW Is at the Head of the Airport Pack.

Late last week, the Transportation and Safety Administration announced on its blog that 2014 has been a record breaking year for dumbasses bringing unsecured weapons into airports. It's quite an achievement, a worthy capper to DFW patrons' long history of bringing dumbfounding items into the airport. So far 105 of the 1,892 firearms found have been at our hub.

Unfair Park's personal favorite DFW gun incident was the time then Cowboys head coach Barry Switzer got caught with a loaded .38 -- he'd had to hide it from his grandkids -- in his carry-on.

Then there was the time Polyphonic Spree drummer Brian Teasley's custom microphone was mistaken for a bomb in 2004.

The consequences for getting caught with a gun at an airport can be severe. Fines can range to $11,000 and any illegal activity discovered by the agency can referred to local law enforcement. At DFW, however, you're likely to face lighter sanctions. As reported by The Associated Press last year, screeners in jurisdictions with more tolerant gun laws may just tell you to go lock your gun up in your car.

We've always been good at this stuff, it's nice that we're finally being recognized for it.

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