The Yea and Nay of Angela Hunt

Had a couple of items related to the pro-hotel'ers yesterday; and we're headed to another introductory how-do this morning at the Stoneleigh Hotel, where Enough is Enough makes its formal what-up -- as if folks needed to be introduced to the likes of Ray Hunt, Roger Staubach, former city manager John Ware, John Scovell, Ebby Halliday and Willis Johnson, among some of the bold-faced names affixed to the organization. Till then, then, Angela Hunt yesterday posted to her Web site her stance on the two propositions on the May 9 ballot. The short and sweet version? Yes on Prop. 1; no on Prop. 2. The longer versions?

Concering Proposition 1: "In theory, the hotel would be able to pay for itself through its own revenue. But if the hotel doesn't meet the Mayor's rosy projections for occupancy, taxpayers get stuck with the bill."

And, regarding Proposition 2: "There are areas of our city that need incentives to convince developers to build there, and developers won't stick around for a public vote. They'll simply go elsewhere -- Las Colinas, Irving, McKinney -- where they can get the same incentives without waiting months for a vote. Bottom line is, Prop 2 has the potential to make Dallas non-competitive and seriously damage our city's ability to provide reasonable economic incentives to businesses."

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Robert Wilonsky
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