There's a Josh Hamilton Shrine in a Bathroom Stall at Sherlock's

Former Texas Ranger Josh Hamilton's relapse, the one in January 2012 in which he allegedly got drunk at the Sherlock's near Park Lane and U.S. 75 and had sex with a woman in a bathroom stall, has received a proper memorial.

The handicap accessible stall in the bar's back bathroom, which witnesses told Deadspin was where the sex took place, now features a vinyl cutout of Hamilton in a Rangers uniform on its wall.

The shrine doesn't seem to be a secret. Unfair Park was able to find and photograph it after the small indignities of visiting the bar's front bathroom, failing to find it, and then having to wait while someone took care of business to check the back bathroom. The worst part was going to Sherlock's, given the typically classy joints in which Hamilton has relapsed.

"In honor of Josh Hamilton allegedly going into the bathroom with a woman that was not his wife, we put a suite up just for him just in case he ever comes back," Sherlock's manger Geoff Polascik said.

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