There's a New Team in the Convention Center Hotel Game, and They're Wearing a Smile

"Enough is Enough" probably won't make the cut at the next Successories jam session, but so it goes. As noted earlier, that's the name of the bold-faced group that announced its presence with authority at the Stoneleigh Hotel. Its intention, in case you missed it the first go-round, is to inspire a more positive tone in the convention center hotel debate.

Speaking to press this morning before a lunch at the hotel, political enabler Ron Steinhart said he'd initially planned on sitting this one out, but over the last week or so, he'd been "blindsided by the negative nature of the 'yes' campaign." Steinhart found plenty of other folks were fed up too, among them Ebby Halliday, Ed Oakley, Ross Perot Jr., Roger Staubach and John Eagle.

While the membership includes members of pro-hotel groups that are already out there, Steinhart said he wanted to see a more positive campaign on both sides. (Sunnier even than those R.I.P. Dallas headstones?) While he says he'll be voting no on Proposition 1, the point, he says, is to keep it clean. "We can no longer stand by as the 'yes campaign' questions the honesty and integrity of our mayor and city council," Steinhart said, before really hitting his stride: "Enough is enough."

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