There's an Easy Way to Settle This

Elm Street-based Marshmallow Fun Co. has in its sights China-based rival Enertec Enterprises and its New Jersey-living marketing man. So says this six-page complaint filed in Dallas federal court yesterday, in which Marshmallow Fun Co. (sounds like a member of the Elephant Six Collective) claims that Enertec stole the patented design for its marshmallow popper, which I recall MFC sending to Unfair Park HQ a few years back -- because, for about a week, the office was filled with mini-marshmallows.

Anyway, MFC says Enertec -- isn't that the name of the company in Office Space, or close enough? -- has been "making, using, selling, importing and/or offering" a pilfered popper for a while now, and refuses to quit despite a deluge of cease-and-desists. Marshmallow Fun Co. is being represented by this gentleman.

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