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There's Greggo! Richie Too. And They're Talking to Mayor Tom Leppert, Who Likes His Gig.

Richie asked Schutze yesterday what he should ask Mayor Tom Leppert, who appeared Wednesday on the sports programme he hosts with one Greg Williams afternoons on 105.3 The Fan. Schutze's suggestion -- something to do with airport contracts at DFW International. Needless to say, that did not happen.

Instead, Richie and Greg asked the mayor about ESPN opting to HQ out of Sundance Square during the Super Bowl (Greg asked it was a "kick in the crotch"), what Dallas will do to keep Texas-OU from moving to Arlington past the good-till-2015 contract and how hard Dallas will push for a Rangers victory parade should they win the World Series (have we learned nothing?). Regarding ESPN's decision, said the mayor, "My view is I want to win everything, but the reality of it is, you're gonna see, especially with the media center with the with the headquarters hotel, you're gong to seen an awful lot of activity and focus from a media standpoint on Dallas."

At which point Greg asked the mayor if he'd like to declare war on Fort Worth. But not before asking him, well, you know.

Download at your leisure.

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