These Drivers Have Been Stranded on I-45 for Hours

Here's hoping you were able to avoid driving this morning. If you did have to get behind the wheel, here's hoping your route didn't include Interstate 45 through Corsicana, which tweets and media reports confirm is an ice-covered parking lot.

This presents some rather obvious challenge. For first responders, it's unclogging the road and keeping people from freezing to death inside their tiny metal boxes; for stranded motorists, it's how to keep from going insane; for news outlets, it's how best to capture the unspeakable misery of the poor souls on the road, many of whom have reportedly been suffering in an icy purgatory since last night.

Do you dispatch the chopper and live-stream footage of a seemingly endless line of parked cars, which conveys the scope of the situation but becomes rather monotonous?

Do you broadcast viewers' photos of the taillights they've been staring at for several hours?

Or do you zoom out so that the cars appear as ants, arranged two-by-two across a football field:

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