They May Not Have Formula One Racing in Austin After All, But Dallas Did Back in 1984

Speaking of the Dallas Grand Prix at Fair Park ...

I see that someone has just posted 30 minutes' worth of highlights from that brutally hot July 1984 to the YouTube. And it's exceptionally classy footage too: It comes to us via the BBC with commentary by Murray Walker and James Hunt. As the poster reminds for those not in attendance, "This race was one of the hottest Grand Prixs ever, and due to the amount of problems with the track surface, the oppressive heat and the unpopularity of the whole affair with the drivers and constructors, this Grand Prix became a one-off." Dad took my brother and me; we recovered from our heat stroke in 2007.

And, whilst on the subject, it looks more and more like that controversial Formula One race down in Austin may not happen after all, and Comptroller Susan Combs -- its biggest fan -- is withholding taxpayer dough from the state's Major Events Trust Fund for reasons spelled out in a missive posted to her site last week. Writes Combs:

The recent announcement of an annual Formula 1 race in New Jersey is a concern, as additional races have the potential to reduce the number of attendees to a Texas race, thereby decreasing the economic impact. Additionally, the reports of a slowdown in construction at the Circuit of the Americas, and recently publicized disagreements between the race rights-holder and the circuit developers have prompted speculation about whether the Austin race will even occur. The ongoing controversies are a concern and we will continue to monitor them.

Now, for the flashback to '84: The highlight reel (long) follows.

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