Think the Proposed Three-Person HOV Lanes Are Stupid? Now's Your Chance to Say So.

Last month it came to light that the Regional Transportation Council was mulling requiring three, rather than two, people per vehicle in order to use the region's HOV lanes. You could still use the special lanes driving solo, but you'd have to pay a toll that would vary based on traffic and time of day. The change, it was said, was needed to avoid confusion when the new LBJ opens with managed lanes.

If Unfair Park's comment section was any indication -- and what is it but a representative sample of North Texans' calm, rational opinions -- people are none too thrilled with the proposal for a variety of reasons. But RTC is still tentatively scheduled to make a decision on the managed lane policy by November.

Soon, though, you'll have the opportunity to bitch to somebody who can actually do something. The North Central Texas Council of Governments is sponsoring a trio of public meetings to get feedback on the HOV/managed lanes policy plus a couple of other issues, like a super-exciting sounding comprehensive regional freight plan.

More details will be presented at the meeting, but the blurb from the NCTCOG describes it thusly:

In 2006 the Regional Transportation Council adopted a set of Managed Lane Policies to establish operational characteristics of planned managed lane facilities. Managed lanes will be open for all travelers for a toll with HOV users eligible for a discount. Because travelers will pay for the use of these lanes, there will be a minimum speed guarantee with provisions for "rebates" if the guaranteed speed is not achieved. We are approvimately a year away from the first managed lanes opening on the DFW Connector, LBJ Express and North Tarrant Express. As the newly constructed managed lanes will interact with the current HOV lanes in the region which will begin operating as managed lanes next year, the RTC is considering making modifications to the policies. Particular discussion will occur regarding modifying the HOV requirement from 2+ to 3+ and how to handle potential "rebates."

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