This Katy Trail Arts Loop Sounds Interesting. But That's a Lot of Green.

Looks like the meeting at the Nasher Sculpture Center was last week, but the Friends of the Katy Trail only today posted the sneak peek at the proposed Katy Trail Arts Loop, which is just what it sounds like:

This connection improves the bicycle and pedestrian facilities between the Katy Trail and Downtown by creating complete streets that accommodate vehicles, bicycles, pedestrians, mass transit, the disabled, and the aged.

As the Friends of the Katy Trail point out, the "complete street" concept, which would add bicycle paths and pedestrian crossings to sidewalks and streetscapes, is a potentially big player in New York City, where Commissioner of the Department of Transportation Janette Sadik-Khan is pushing to make the concrete a little softer. But this is another project that won't come cheap: The FotKT guesstimate it'll cost $20 to $40 million and hope that some of that dough-re-mi will come from 2010 bond money and private donors. You can see the proposed changes -- the what and the where -- in this feasibility study. --Robert Wilonsky

Update: Angela Hunt has left a note concerning the project in the comments section.

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