This Morning's Video Wake-Up with Leppert, Jeffress, Perry, Olbermann and Jon Stewart

Last night, in the comments below, a Friend of Unfair Park mentioned that Tom Leppert made Keith Olbermann's "Worst Persons in the World" round-up for his End Occupy website. Sure enough -- finally, some national pub for the former Dallas mayor and candidate for U.S. Senate, for whom a crazy-lefty slapdown is the just the sort of long, slow, deep, soft, wet kiss on national TV a loan from yourself can't buy. And: Leppert's lumped in there with Anita Perry, husband of Rick, who's been known to pray next to Leppert whilst standing in family-style Italian eateries at the mall.

Speaking of the Perrys: The Daily Show returned from a week-long hiatus last night and promptly tee'd up a segment on Perry's sudden and dramatic plunge in the polls thanks to his having to actually speak, or whatever that is he does, in public. At which point Jon Stewart flashed back to First Baptist Dallas pastor Robert Jeffress's endorsement of Rick Perry two weeks ago, after which the pastor once more called Mormonism "a cult." Jeffress, who once shared a big red button with congregant Tom Leppert, delivered what Stewart considers "the sweetest, most good-natured, pleasant shit on an entire religion I have ever seen." Following that, Jesuit College Preparatory School of Dallas's own Wyatt Cenac and Samatha Bee square off: Team Mormon vs. Team Normal. Spoiler: It doesn't end well for the Jew. Watch last night's teevee today on the other side.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.