This Weekend: No Shootin' Off Guns. No Drinking and Driving. No Fireworks.

For the Fourth of July weekend, the Dallas Police Department is partnering with Dallas Fire-Rescue -- they're going to ride in patrol cars together -- to strictly enforce the no-no's listed above, especially the part about shooting stuff into the air. It's the first time the two departments have gone to such lengths to keep the skies from raining fire and brimstone (and bullets) on the Fourth.

"We're going to have a no-tolerance for it," said Dallas Fire Rescue's spokesperson, Lt. Rebecca Mathews, at a news conference this morning.

Not even sparklers are allowed within 5,000 feet of the Dallas city limits. "Even though they're cute, they are a big concern," said Mathews. "A sparkler burns at 1,200 degrees." Authorities said there's no talk about ever lifting the ban on fireworks in Dallas, because the hot little numbers are just too damned dangerous, so sorry. Instead the city invites you to the free firework show at Fair Park.

And, while boozing and cruising is never lawful, this weekend will be another No Refusal weekend. That means that DPD will be collecting blood specimens from suspected drunk drivers at the jail, even if they refuse.

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