"This Weekend's Lane Closures, Shifts Are Most Aggressive to Date for LBJ Express Project."

For those who missed Tuesday's heads-up, avoid the hell out of LBJ this weekend as they finish taking down the pedestrian walkway and Marsh Lane bridge running over 635. The folks in charge of this operation aren't kidding around, either: They've sent out several warnings in the last couple of days, the most recent of which arrived moments ago and begins:

We apologize if we have inundated you these last few weeks with construction alerts, but we are grateful for your efforts to get the word out to the traveling public about what to expect along the LBJ Express each weekend. As you may know, this weekend's lane closures and shifts are the most aggressive to date for the LBJ Express project, so we want to overcommunicate in an effort to keep people away from LBJ between the Tollway and I-35E this weekend.

The demolition, scheduled to be the last this year, begins tonight at 10 and runs through sun-up Monday morning and involves re-routing all traffic, east- and westbound, onto the service roads, as you'll see in the sadly silent video above. That said, again, it'll make Saturday night's Forest Lane cruise a little more, oh, crowded, maybe?

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