Three Men Robbed a Dallas Liquor Store with an AK-47, Then the Clerk Shot Back (Video)

If someone rolled into Unfair Park HQ and pointed an assault rifle at me while they stole my $800 and seven packs of Newports, I'd probably piss my pants and then go become a monk or a farmer, or maybe a farmer-monk. The owner of McGriff's Beer & Wine are not so fainthearted.

The video above shows footage from two robberies carried out by the same three men less than two weeks apart. The first portion of the video shows their successful September 20 robbery that netted the cash and cigarettes. The second shows their less successful attempt on October 1 when, rather than cower at the sight of the business end of an assault rifle, the store's owner fired off three rounds from his own semiautomatic pistol.

The would-be robbers ran out of the store with nothing that time, but that's not much comfort when there's are guys wandering around Dallas with an assault rifle robbing beer stores.

The police are looking for them. Anyone with information should call DPD's robbery unit at 214-671-3584.

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