Three More Dallas Cops Were Fired Yesterday

Dallas Police Department Chief David Brown, who's made a habit of announcing department firings on the DPD Facebook page, announced three more firings late yesterday, including one officer accused of molesting a relative in Rains County.

Here's the rundown:

Officer Zenae Humphries of the South Central was caught lying after getting into a car accident on June 27, 2011, while she was in a marked vehicle. The four-year vet had her children with her at the time of the accident, and an investigation concluded that Humphries "did not devote her full time and attention to Police Department business, caused false information to be entered into an accident report and was untruthful to a supervisor."

Humphries was also involved in a ruckus with an acquaintance while in Kentucky on Christmas Day, when she shot at the rear tire of the victim's vehicle, the department said.

Southwest's Senior Corporal Jeffrey Lewis was terminated after the Public Integrity Unity found that the officer made unwanted sexual advances toward a woman who called for help. After Lewis responded to the call, he returned to her residence and touched her. And internal investigation found him guilty of lying and adverse conduct. He'd been on the force for 15 years.

Officer Charles Walker from the Southeast Division was let go after a Rains County Grand Jury indicted the fourth-year officer of "10 counts of Indecency with a Child by Sexual Contact and two counts of Sexual Assault," DPD announced. Walker posted a $120,000 bond and was released.

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Greg Howard