Three Years After Caraway Told You To "Pull 'Em Up," NY State Sen. Follows Suit

A couple of news and notes before I head out to butter my unleavened bread ...

A Friend of Unfair Park takes note of New York State Sen. Eric Adams's latest initiative: "Stop the Sag." Which only puts New York about three years behind Dallas and, more to the point, council member Dwaine Caraway, who was the very first politician to tell the fellas to pull 'em up. I've left word for Adams, who's responsible for this provocative video, to see if he was aware of Caraway's campaign -- which, the mayor pro tem says, resulted in calls from California to Mississippi -- and asked Caraway this afternoon about his role as fashion trendsetter.

"You're absolutely correct -- Dallas was on point -- and I'm glad we didn't stop," says Caraway, who reminds that his campaign got national attention way back when he appeared on Dr. Phil. "People became more keenly aware of their appearance and the effect it had, and how disgraceful and distasteful it was, and they began to pay more attention and limit their saggin'." Alas, butt one billboard remains standing three years later, near E. 8th Street and IH-35E ...

On an entirely unrelated note, after the jump you'll find the latest helpful-hints video from the Dallas Police Department starring Senior Corporal Kevin Janse. In this installment of First Watch, the very helpful DPD spokesman discusses workplace safety. "While safety precautions are often taken at home," says Janse, "it's easy to be lulled into a false sense of security at work." Unless you work at a newspaper, where there's no such thing as job security.

First Watch - Workplace Safety with SC Kevin Janse from Dallas Police on Vimeo.

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