Time For a GOP Overhaul

The first sip: In last week’s Observer, editor Mark Donald described his early voting experience as not only a relief but “friggin' cathartic.” My experience yesterday, however, was quite the opposite. After turning the dial and pressing the button for my choices, I walked around for the rest of the day with an uneasy feeling in my stomach.

It wasn’t long before I realized my problem. I knew deep down that my presidential pick had no shot to win, and, even worse, I really wasn’t sold on John McCain after casting a vote for him. He was just a better option than Obama in my book -- the lesser of two evils so to speak.

It’s really a sad commentary on the Republican Party as a whole. And everything became clearer as Obama was giving his speech last night, as someone at the county Republican bash mentioned how Palin should have been the party’s nominee instead of McCain, which almost made me barf.

It’s time for a major overhaul for the GOP, not just countywide but countrywide. And even though Obama was the greater of my two evils, I gotta say there’s something great about not just a black man, but a man of mixed race, becoming president of the United States. Pretty cool stuff indeed. And while he’s in power for the next four (and likely eight) years, hopefully my party can find a candidate that can give me a cathartic experience too.

The second sip: Let’s not be so quick to let the White House door hit Bush’s ass on his way out.

The third sip: Baseball players, looking to protect their multimillion-dollar contracts, are already trying to find ways to beat Obama’s new taxes.

The final sip: Much like Lowell Cannaday last night, John McCain was more impressive in defeat than I saw him at any point during the campaign. --Sam Merten

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