Terrell Owens is now the spokesperson for something called the National Alliance to End Abuse, though it's unlikely that refers to coaches and teammates.

T.O. Going A.W.O.L.?

The most famous cyclist in Dallas Cowboys history returned to the field yesterday. But just because Terrell Owens is back with his team doesn't mean he won't disappear again. Soon. Like, right in the middle of the season. Calm down--it'll be an excused absence. Seems Owens has signed to be the national spokesman for something called the National Alliance to End Abuse. His first duty will take him to the Grand Hyatt in Washington, D.C., on Sunday, September 24, for the launch of the group's "iTZNOTok" campaign. In a press release with colored lEtteRinG the kIdz dig, the alliance with the very generic name says it's a non-profit organization preparing a "culture-changing-changing event." It has XM Satellite Radio as a partner but, according to my research, no Web site.

The National Alliance for Homelessness and the National Alliance to End Sexual Abuse have Web presences, but apparently the NATEA has been too busy recruiting controversial spOkeSpeEpz. Though during the season, T.O.'s appearance will be kosher since it falls on the Cowboys' bye week.

Oh, and join me tomorrow for exclusive info on where other significant members of the Cowboys hierarchy will spend the bye week. Hint: It involves vows and vino. Ciao. --Richie Whitt

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