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T.O. Takes Time to Answer 10 Questions

The September 10 issue of Time -- which is not yet online --- contains 10 questions for Your Dallas Cowboys' wide receiver Terrell Owens. And it's just brilliant, brilliant -- if only for the queries posed by Randall L. Dunn of Cincinnati and Patrick Hurley of Buffalo:

Why are you so self-absorbed?


I don't feel that way. You can only base your opinion off the media's portrayal of me if you don't know me personally. But I definitely feel I have the skills to be able to put me on the plateau I'm on. I'm really confident in who I am, and you know, sometimes you have to be a little selfish to be great in what you do.

Were you offended when your ex-publicist explained that your accidental painkiller overdose last year wasn't a suicide attempt by referring to your contract, saying you had "25 million reasons" to live?

Patrick Hurley, BUFFALO, N.Y.

At that time, there was so much going on that it didn't really have an impact on me until I got back home and started seeing the media making fun of it. I'm pretty sure it was something she wished she wouldn't have said. Look, we all make mistakes, just like I have. You just have to recognize the mistake and move on.

We just can't. But, fine, we'll try.

Also, when asked who he'd choose to be Dallas' starting QB, if he could pick anyone in the league, Owens responds: "Peyton Manning, then Donovan McNabb." Um. Um. Um? And Annie Mac'Kie of Calgary wants to know, "Is Barack Obama black enough for your vote?" We'll let you find the answer for yourself. --Robert Wilonsky

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