To the Inventory of "Art" Pavilions Filling City Parks, Add Another (Well, Almost, Anyway)

For the last several months we've watched construction crews buzzing up and down the scaffolding erected in Webb Chapel Park, on Cromwell between Royal and Marsh. We knew what was coming: the latest "art" pavilion, one of many funded with '03 and '06 bond money (speaking of). Per the recently put-together guide to these Best of Dallas-certified shade pavilions, the Webb Chapel Park structure was designed by a familiar firm: Quimby McCoy, in conjunction with New York City-based Cooper Joseph. Says the guide:

This small pavilion located between a playground and a soccer field offers a meaningful opportunity for the neighborhood to gather in a cool, shady place. The design embraces a passive, natural cooling system that becomes one with the dynamic spatial configuration. With a few simple geometric gestures, the architecture maintains a timeless quality.

You be the judge of that. My 8-year-old son took this photo this afternoon, after school, when he'd noticed that for the first time since construction began the scaffolding had come down revealing the concrete beast beneath (though the chain link remains). Truly, a first look.

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