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Toadies Getting Back Together. For One Day Only. Again.

At right, Toadies guitarist and Emmy-nominated Project Runway editor Clark Vogeler. At left, Jay McCarroll, who won Project Runway's first season.

As the paper version of Unfair Park is only now hitting the streets, we figure now would be as good a time as any to let you know that contained within its pages is an ad for a concert the paper version of Unfair Park's putting on March 17. It'll take place at Energy Square, which is what they're calling the corner of Greenville and University these days, and gates open at noon. At this moment, we don't know who the opening act or acts will be, but we do know the headliner: the Toadies.

Apparently, the band so enjoyed its first 2006 reunion gig, also for the Observer-sponsored St. Patrick's parade on Greenville Ave., that it's turning this into an annual shindig. Word was there were some 100,000 people there for last year's show, give or take 90,000, so pick up tix quick when they go on sale for $10 Saturday at 10 a.m. through Front Gate Tickets. And it's a 21-and-up show, so leave the kiddies at home. What, do you wanna die? Below, a video from HDNet's True Music during which the Toadies talk about getting back together and perform, at last year's show, "Push the Hand" from 2001's Hell Below/Stars Above. Then, after the jump, a little-seen video for "Mister Love," in case you need to be reminded of the Toadies' greatness. But you don't, do you?--Robert Wilonsky

Bonus video: The Toadies perform "Push the Hand"

The Toadies, "Mister Love"

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