Today, the DISD Began Laying Off "At-Will" Employees Against Their Will

Moments ago, the Dallas Independent School District posted to its Web site a media release announcing the elimination of "at least" 160 central staff positions today -- "63 of which had been filled by employees." Says the release, it'll save the district "up to $3.6 million for the current 2008-2009 school year." The announcement comes four days after the school board opted not to approve the reduction in force superintendent Michael Hinojosa demanded, lest the district suffer the state's interference. Alas, notes the release: "Because central staff employees do not have contracts and are considered at-will employees, their release did not need board approval to trim the district’s projected $84 million deficit."

To which the super adds: "As I told the board of trustees last week and the week before, it costs the district approximately $1.5 million each week there is a delay in addressing this deficit. As the district's chief executive officer, it is my duty to take whatever immediate, prudent and financially responsible action I am empowered to take to address this matter and save the district dollars.” Those terminated will "receive the district's customary one-month full pay." But we end the day with yet another proposal to save the district some dough, courtesy the Texas Classroom Teachers Association. --Robert Wilonsky

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