KTCK-AM (1310, The Ticket)

Tom Brady Is the Cat’s Meow

I wasn’t in the New England Patriots’ locker room yesterday after their 48-27 walloping of the Cowboys, but apparently some grizzled, oh-so-serious Bostonians can’t take a joke. Even after a three-down shellacking of an heir to their throne.

While I was listening to Terrell Owens not talk about his disappointing dance-off with Randy Moss, Cowboys’ flagship radio station KTCK-AM (1310, The Ticket) dispatched its noon-3 p.m. "BaD Radio" show to lighten the mood -- specifically, producer Tom Gribble's “1920s Reporter Guy." Only, Patriots coach Bill Belichick wasn’t amused when Gribble asked the "champ" about his team's "Beantown offense." Perhaps Tom Brady was, a little. For sure, old, established Boston doesn’t approve. Two words: Lighten. Up. Or next time we’ll hold you to 41. --Richie Whitt

Update: Now, with video.


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