Tom DeLay Wishes The News Dead. Wait...Tom Who?

You know who's happy about the news of The News' steep drop in circulation numbers? Um, Tom DeLay, that's who. Says so right on his blog, which is, surprisingly, not called The Emasculated Douchebag.

"The old media, with its three main news networks and daily papers of record in the major cities controlling most of the news has always been a bad thing. Now, however, there are more ideas and more opinions for people to choose from. Internet news, cable, and blogs such as ours are quickly hastening the decline of these dinosaur media elites – and thank goodness. The quicker outfits like the Dallas Morning News and New York Times are relegated to permanent fossil status the better."
Odd, we feel exactly the same way about Tom DeLay. Isn't that guy in prison yet? --Robert Wilonsky

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Robert Wilonsky
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