Tom Hicks: He Brings People Together -- Like, Oh, Guys Named Rudy and Gary

Can we go back to that item below, in which we mentioned how much money Jerry Jones gave John McCain? Because in there, we kinda skipped over something that just may answer a question that's been nagging at us for days -- chiefly, just why did Gary Griffith cut that spot supporting Rudy Giuliani?

Because, see, today, the Rudy Giuliani Presidential Committee announced its finance team, including its executive committee members, the state finance chairs and co-chairs and other "industry leaders who will help lead Mayor Giuliani’s fundraising and grassroots efforts." And among them is, as expected, Dallas Stars and Texas Rangers owner Tom Hicks, who today was named Executive Committee Member and Texas State Finance Chair.

Tom Hicks -- ya mean the same guy who's the finance chairman for Gary Griffith's mayoral campaign? Yup. Yup. Same one. Tom Hicks -- the guy whose wife Cinda gave Griffith's campaign $5,000 on March 27? Yup. Yup. Same one. Not that we're saying the ad, the dough and the appointment have a damned thing to do with each other, because we'd never do that. Nope, we'll go along with everyone else and just say that, sure, Griffith's supporting Rudy G. because Rudy's popular with Republicans and Griffith's just finding himself some nice wake in which to surf to the polls next month. Really, we're just saying "hi," that's all. --Robert Wilonsky

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.