Tom Hicks Is Burning Liverpool Bridges Left and Right This Morning

Just a few hours ago, Tom Hicks gave an "explosive interview" to Sky Sports, conducted from his Dallas offices, during which he took a baseball bat to Liverpool FC co-owner George Gillett and swung a hockey stick at the head of Liverpool chief executive Rick Parry. Insists Hicks, under Parry his football team has been "a disaster". The Texas Rangers and Dallas Stars' owner blames Parry, whose resignation he demanded last week, for pretty much everything that's gone wrong with the club since Hicks and Gillett bought it one year ago: "We have fallen so far behind the other top clubs. The new stadium should have been built three or four years ago. We have two sponsors, maybe three. We should have 12 or 15. We are not doing anything in Asia the way Manchester United and Barcelona are." And so forth.

As for Gillett, with whom Hicks has been at war for several weeks over the ownership of Liverpool, Hicks says, "We started this as friends but 50-50 is a difficult business proposition because you cannot do anything without your partner's approval. We had a good honeymoon but, over a period of time, there have been issues, the stadium being the main one. If George doesn't sell -- because I am not going to sell -- I guess we stay in this position that we are in."

Meanwhile, Hicks' Rangers have 17 errors through 15 games this season -- and even last night, in a 14-inning win over Toronto, blew a three-run lead in the eighth and stranded 19 men on base. Still, Ron Washington, a win's a win, right? Which is what the Dallas Stars need tonight, lest they turn the American Airlines Center into the most hostile home venue in the NHL. --Robert Wilonsky

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Robert Wilonsky
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