Thomas O. Hicks Jr., VP of Hicks Sports Group

Tom Hicks Jr. Now Understands the Phrase "Sins of the Father"

Thomas O. Hicks Jr., what in the hell is wrong with you? I ask only because a Friend of Unfair Park sends along this story about how the Texas Rangers and Dallas Stars' owner's sonny boy went to a pub in Liverpool to grab a pint after a soccer match Saturday night, twixt Papa Hicks' Liverpool FC and Middlesbrough, and found himself surrounded by hostile natives. As in, they sang nasty songs about the kiddo and his pops' ownership of the fabled team, and one Liverpool fan "spat in his direction," reports eyewitness Tony Barrett of the Liverpool Echo. Barrett writes, in short:

A volley of protest songs -- aired with increasing regularity on the Kop in recent months -- rang out throughout the pub and the venom being directed at Hicks junior was plain for all to see. All of a sudden, his smile was replaced by a grimace of concern.

And then it got ugly. Nasty too. Barrett follows today with an exclusive interview with Lil' Hicks, who said, “I respect that some patrons have major disagreement with us, but that comes with the territory." Tommy, of course, ain't to blame for none of this. Still, he does have security whilst in England. --Robert Wilonsky

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