Tom Hicks, Looking for Some Positive Press, Throws Another Log on the Fire

Let's end our broadcast day with another Tom Hicks item, shall we? Because it's a fascinating one concerning, of course, Hicks' ownership of Liverpool FC and the mess he's made of it by calling out chief executive Rick Parry (who is not happy t'all, mate) and co-owner George Gillett. But more to the point, Charles Sale of the Daily Mail in the U.K. writes this afternoon that Hicks is about to ramp up his PR machine in order to emerge from this disaster looking like the good guy. Writes Sale, not only does Hicks have a London PR doing his Liverpool bidding, but he also has, of course, the Dallas Stars, Texas Rangers and American Airlines Center's media departments at his disposal as well. And now, it looks like, Hicks is close to adding another top to the spin department:

The Hicks camp have confirmed there are plans to approach London PR giants Freud Communications, whose major clients include Sony, Nike, Pepsi, Volkswagen, Nestle and London 2012 — a sure sign that Hicks, criticised by his Liverpool opponents Rick Parry and David Moores for washing the club's dirty linen in public, intends continuing with a very public strategy as part of his Anfield power battle.


Also today, George Gillett has issued a statement concerning Hicks' statements earlier today to Sky Sports. Says Gillett: “I am saddened at this latest outburst from Tom Hicks.”

Finally, a question: Why did Hicks have a fire going during his interview with British TV? Because the interview took place in his Dallas office, and last I looked, it hasn't been fireplace weather in, at least, a few days. Were he and Nolan Ryan making a snow monkey breakfast over the open flame? --Robert Wilonsky

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Robert Wilonsky
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