"Seriously, Schutze, that's close enough."
"Seriously, Schutze, that's close enough."

Tomorrow, We Learn Where Mayor Mike Rawlings Stands on the Trinity Toll Road

After soliciting a week's worth of feedback from the luminaries on Facebook, Mayor Mike Rawlings, heretofore uncommitted on the controversial Trinity Toll Road, will hold a press conference at City Hall tomorrow "to deliver significant development" and also to "give his perspective on the Trinity River Corridor Project including the Trinity River Tollway," according to a press release that landed in our box this morning.

In case you're worried he's going to launch into a lengthy tirade about what a boondoggle the whole thing is -- "I knew Schutze was right all along! Where is that bastard? I owe him an apology!" -- the News' Rudy Bush reports that Rawlings will be joined by some Loyal Friends of the Toll Road, including Dallas Citizens Council President Donna Halstead.

Hey Jim: Is the battery on your hat cam charged?


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