Tonight in North Dallas, Your Chance to Fire Questions at the Democratic Candidates for County Judge and District Clerk

That's right. Wanna know why Johnny Gomez thinks he's got a shot against incumbent Gary Fitzsimmons? Or why lawyer Clay Jenkins has been anointed by nearly every Dallas politico (including Fitzsimmons) as Jim Foster's replacement? If so, the Preston Hollow Democrats (which are in desperate need of a Web site update) are feeding the candidates to the audience this evening from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at PoPoLos after each one is given a couple minutes to introduce themselves.

"And then we'll go through a list of about 21 different races and give our endorsements in those races," says Roger Grape, president of the Preston Hollow Dems.

He says the three county judge candidates -- Jenkins, Foster and Larry Duncan -- have confirmed that they'll be in attendance, along with Fitzsimmons. But what about Fitzsimmons's opponent?

"I'm not sure who decided to run against him," Grape tells Unfair Park. "I forgot the gentleman's name."

I guess we won't hold our breaths for an upset endorsement headed Gomez's way.

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Sam Merten
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