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Tonight, We Put Dallas In Our Mouths!

Hop on the Green Line train tonight and hop off when you see every restaurateur in Dallas -- it'll be the Fair Park stop, where the 24th annual Taste of Dallas kicks off this evening and continues throughout the weekend. Some of the Big Dizzle's best-known chefs will be in attendance cooking up delicious tasties -- we're talking Jason Boso of Cowboy Chow, Joe Garza of the French Room and many more -- for those who want to put some Dallas in their mouths.

I will be there. But I will not be eating the delicious cuisine of Cowboy Chow and the French Room. I will be eating gas station food prepared by, and I am not even kidding you, the Mavs ManiAACs. Maybe they can cook better than they can spell?

OK, I'm being unreasonably sulky just to show off. Because for real, I'm pretty pumped about judging tonight's Iron Chef-style competition at 8 in the Automobile Building. The ManiAACs will have 10 minutes to prepare, name and serve a dish made exclusively from convenience store items. Think Spaghetti O's au Cheeto, with a Fig Newton compote. Stop by and say hi -- or hold my hair back.

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Andrea Grimes
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