We've been told to run more pictures of Zac Efron, Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers to attract that hard-to-lure 'tweener audience, so here goes nothing.

Tony Romo Is More Popular Than Zac Efron -- Kind Of, Sort Of

When High School Musical 2 debuted in August on the Disney Channel, it shattered all kinds of cable-TV ratings records: Some 17.2 million people watched the thing, spread out over about 9.4 million households. (Slumber party!)

Today comes word that Your Dallas Cowboys beat at least one of those numbers: The Cowboys-Bills Monday-night match-up was on in 9.6 million households, says here, making it one of the most-watched cable offerings of 2007 -- and just when it looked as though ESPN's Monday Night Football had become an afterthought. Around 14 billion people, give or take, are expected to watch Cowboys-Patriots on Sunday. --Robert Wilonsky


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