Ron Rivera, your Chicago Bears just lost the Super Bowl? What are you gonna do now? Oh, yeah. Interview for the Cowboys' head coaching gig.

Train Rex

On second thought, should Jerry Jones even consider hiring Chicago Bears defensive coordinator Ron Rivera for the Dallas Cowboys' head coaching gig? If you watched Super Bowl XLI, you saw the vaunted Bears defense filleted in the rain by Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts -- the same Colts, by the way, who were smothered on November 19 by a Cowboys defense led by a guy named Mike Zimmer.

On a soggy Super Sunday during which we learned that Michael Irvin is a humbled Hall of Famer, Billy Joel wouldn't make the first cut of American Idol and Bud Light's bad taste is cloaked by its good marketing, we were also reminded of the football adage that says, simply, "The best quarterback wins." Peyton Manning: good. Rex Grossman: horrible. Handed a 7-0 lead and Bears weather, Grossman lobbed and wobbled passes that look like they came from the arm of a kid yelling "P for K!" So, see, Prince can look cool and sound hot, even in a doo rag, and your Cowboys don't look so bad withTony Romo under center. --Richie Whitt

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