Trustee Carla Ranger Is Very Unhappy With DISD Super's West Dallas Initiative

Yesterday Patrick Michels brought back this report from Dallas City Hall, where Mayor Tom Leppert and Dallas Independent School District Superintendent Michael Hinojosa introduced the so-called the West Dallas "School Zone," a public-private partnership involving charter schools and a "leadership academy." But on her blog this morning, DISD school board trustee Carla Ranger insists the district -- and Hinojosa, specifically -- can't do this, not without the board's approval first. An excerpt from her item headlined "Superintendent Hinojosa exceeds his authority":

There is a clear pattern ignoring and disregarding the proper oversight authority of the Board.

Only the Dallas ISD Board has the authority to determine appropriate policy changes or initiatives of the District. The Superintendent's duty is to follow and uphold Board approved decisions.

Superintendent does not decide when or if charter school partnerships will be expanded in Dallas ISD. Only the Board can make that decision.

The Board has not approved any such initiative to partner with West Dallas charter schools as apparently announced by the Superintendent on Thursday morning. Without such official Board approval of such partnerships the Superintendent is again violating the established policies and procedures of the district.

Ranger is demanding a special board meeting. I've asked DISD spokesman Jon Dahlander whether Ranger is correct; I will update when he responds.

Update at 11:26 a.m.: Dahlander responds.

The board held a retreat on Saturday, February 27 and discussed various opportunities and initiatives involving, specifically, the West Dallas Community Collaborative for Schools. Since then, Dr. Hinojosa has noted in at least one update to the board about the district's plan to collaborate with Uplift Charter School on the Human Capital and Leadership initiative.

At yesterday's breakfast with the Mayor, Dr. Hinojosa was very clear that the board would need to be involved in subsequent discussions about additional collaboration.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.