Turns Out, Guy Caught in Love Field Hangar Was Guided by God, Yelled "Jesus," Not "Jihad"

Ruben Martinez Jiminez wasn't yelling "Jihad" when police found him Sunday in a secure area of Love Field, as the arrest warrant said. That would have been screaming. What Jiminez was saying was "Jesus."

Federal prosecutors explain why in a criminal complaint filed yesterday afternoon: Jiminez was on a mission from God. That's why he drove to the Love Field gate operated by Business Jet and why yelled out "In the name of Jesus, open the gate!"

The gate did open, but not, according to the complaint, through some divine impulse. The worker on the other side simply wanted to talk to Jiminez to find out why the hell he was mashing buttons the gate's keypad.

That's when God apparently instructed Jiminez to step on it and drive his 2007 Chevrolet Blazer at more than 100 miles per hour down a Love Field taxiway to a random hanger. Dallas police found him inside, laying across two unmounted aircraft tires. That's when he thrice yelled "In the name of Jesus," just as he had at the Business Jet gate but with less success. After resisting briefly, Jiminez was handcuffed and taken off to Lew Sterrett.

He explained to police that God had directed him to Love Field and that he had previously experienced a vision of the airplane hangar where he was found. His Bible had also made the trip, but Jiminez said he had dropped it somewhere in the hangar. That's when he corrected arresting officers who'd heard him yell "jihad."

Jiminez is now charged with entering an airport area in violation of security requirements, which, if he's found guilty, carries a maximum of 10 years in prison and a $250,000. Perhaps his close personal relationship with God will help get him through.

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