TV Ratings: Rangers + Mavericks + Stars < Cowboys

I run a buffet here. Not every customer will like everything I put out, but hopefully most will find a little something to keep them coming back.

I get this complaint frequently: "Why don't you write more about the Rangers? They're winning!" (Beat the Indians last night. AL West lead still at 3. Magic number down to 12. You happy now?)

My menu philosophy goes like this: The Cowboys -- win or lose -- are a daily staple. The Rangers and Mavericks are seasonal delicacies. When I'm in Arizona for spring training my offerings are decidedly baseball and when the Rangers begin the playoffs I'll have Top 10 Observer-ations immediately after each game, road or home.

But when in doubt, Cowboys.

Why? Because that's what the bulk of my customers demand.

Proof ...

In 1999 the Stars won the Stanley Cup. Average TV rating in Dallas-Fort Worth for the games on Fox was 21.2. Last season on Fox Sports Southwest the average game drew a 0.91.

In 2010 the Rangers played in the World Series. The average TV rating in Dallas-Fort Worth for the five games on Fox was 30.9. This year the Rangers on Fox Sports Southwest are averaging a 3.9. Their biggest game of the season was a 7.0 last week against the Rays and their best all-time regular-season game on FSSW was last August against the Yankees, 9.3.

In the summer of 2011 the Mavericks played in the NBA Finals. Average rating in Dallas-Fort Worth for the six-game series on ABC was 31.7. In the regular season on FSSW the Mavericks averaged 2.6. Their biggest game of the season was a 9.3.

Last Sunday night the Cowboys played their season opener in New York. Average rating in Dallas-Fort Worth was 38.8. Thirtyeightpointeight. You heard me.

In other words, add up the average viewers to Stars, Rangers and Mavs' regular-season games and it's still not even half of a Cowboys' game. The Cowboys' opener was watched by approximately 1.7 million Metroplex households, about the same number as the Mavs' Game 6 clincher against the Miami Heat (39.8) and more than the Rangers' Game 5 loss in last Fall's World Series (31.3).

Supply. And demand.

Bon apetit.

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