Two Months After He Cans Faculty at UNT Dallas, School's CEO Changes His Mind

Back in March, you may recall, the University of North Texas told 38 faculty members at the school's current Dallas campus that, so sorry, but if they want to work at UNT's new standalone Dallas campus -- scheduled to open in 110 days -- they'd have to reapply ... for their current positions ... which many of them had held for the past decade, ever since UNT opened its Dallas branch. To which they all said, "Whosaidwhatnow?" Also displeased: The American Association of University Professors, which protested John Ellis Price's decision.

But the president designate of the University of North Texas System and CEO of UNT's Dallas campus said, in short, Sorry, but those are the lawyers talking.

Seems they've all had a change of heart: The Chronicle of Higher Education reports that yesterday, Price sent a memo "offering terminal, one-year contract extensions to everyone who does not get a job offer" at the new campus. Reports the Chronicle: Price made his announcement at the Denton campus -- right before "faculty members were scheduled to vote on a resolution criticizing the way in which Mr. Price had terminated the entire Dallas faculty."

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