TxDOT: Falling Chunks of Concrete, Gaping Hole in I-20 Overpass Are Perfectly Normal

If you happened to find yourself on westbound I-20 yesterday, our condolences. The entire interstate was closed for a brief time between Lancaster Avenue and Houston School Road, and lane closures lasted into the evening, causing traffic to back up for miles.

You might be alarmed to discover that the delay was caused by chunks of concrete dropping onto the freeway from a gaping hole in the Houston School Road overpass. TxDOT says you shouldn't be.

"As strange as it sounds, this isn't uncommon and the structure is still safe," agency spokesman Tony Hartzel told The Dallas Morning News.

Yep, just your average humdrum "pavement failure" that NBC 5's Ray Villeda attributed to "a pothole and the weather."

So run-of-the-mill was the breach that TxDOT rushed crews to the bridge and kept parts of the interstate shut down for five hours of emergency repairs.

No big deal, and certainly not a reason to go worrying yourself about the dismal state of the country's infrastructure.

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