TxDOT Says Despite Recent Rains, They're Still Hoping to Open the Calatrava to Cars March 5

Speaking of putting cars on bridges over the Trinity River, or not ...

Couldn't quite tell from last night's Channel 8 piece if the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge will indeed be open to vehicular traffic following next weekend's opening events; said Jason Whitely, there's a shot it'll be closer to mid-March, given some construction delays. So I asked TxDOT spokeswoman Cynthia Northrop White to clarify this morning, and she says, yes, recent rains have slowed some end-of-work progress, but they're "still expecting" to open the bridge to West Dallas to cars on March 5. I know Schutze, for one, will be relieved.

"We have had some rain, so we're pressing the contractor to make up the time," she says. "We're on top of the situation on a minute-ly basis and will reassess it next week and have a clearer picture. Next week they are forecasting some rain, but they're working nights and weekends, and we hope to get it done by then. We get that rain next week, it could impact that schedule. That's why early in the week we want to reassess where we've gotten. But the goal is to open it to traffic on March 5.

"Full disclosure is trying to define for folks the difference between a job that's complete and substantially complete. There are still some finishing touches, things that have to be done. This happens all the time. There's landscaping, we have to finish out some inspections, do some striping, some buttons -- little things that need to be finished. But we're working towards March 5. Even considering the variables, the rain, we're making up a lot of good time."

Till then, I direct your attention to the video posted a couple of days back by the same Friend of Unfair Park responsible for one of the best blogs in town, Dallas Trinity Trails.

Update at 4:10 p.m.: See the above item, which says, long story short: "The City will open the bridge when all components are fully functioning in a safe manner. The opening date is anticipated to be March 29, 2012."

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.